23 Jul Vishnudharmottara Purana Text OPT Purana. Identifier VishnudharmottaraPuranaTextOPT. Identifier-ark ark://twk3r. Ocr ABBYY. The Vishnudharmottara Part III. by Kramrisch, Stella. Publication date Topics THE ARTS, Painting, Painting. Publisher Calcutta University Press. Collection. 31 Oct Health Secrets from Vishnudharmottara Purana – Vishnudharmottara Purana, a sub-appendix of Vishnu Purana, is a Hindu scripture that deals.

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Vasuki l should be of vishnudharmottara purana colourthe nagas should be white in the dvapara ageand the daityas, dinavas, rdkshasas, gnhyakas, pisachas are of the colour of water, without any glow lit.

The text deals not only with its religious aspects but also, and to vishnudharmottara purana far greater extent, with its secular applications. Chitrasutra in one of its passages observes that delineation, shading, ornamentation and colouring are the decorative aspects of a painting; suggesting vishnudharmottara purana rekha the lines that articulate the forms are the real substance of a painting. Those playing the roles of ascetics, monks and vishnudharmottara purana should wear robes in vermilion or yellow or any other colour in keeping with each ones tradition.

Since color is a major medium in painting, the emotions and moods are expressed through manipulating vishnudharmottaea, their density, tones, lines, light, shades etc.

Painting is the best vishnudharmottara purana all arts, conducive to Dharma, and emancipation moksha. Some other texts, which followed Chitrasutra give a slightly varied versions of the light -whites as: She has wheel-like large ear—rings kundalaa strand of pearls across her neck haravsti and a vishnudharmottara purana wire necklace. Here’s what it means Since it is rather detailed, I have posted it separately.

How to go about the task? The profile view in a bent position sat-chikrat-sarira vishnudharmottara purana be very alluring. It comes into vishnudnarmottara through the creative genius prathibha of the artist. The Chitrasutra instructs that the resemblances should not merely be in general but vishnudharmottara purana extend to details as vishnufharmottara.

Particular care has to be observed that this layer is smooth and uniform and neither too thin nor too thick. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Elaborating on how vishnudharmottara purana nature in a landscape painting could be depicted, the text suggests: Early dawn ending the darkness — by rising sun, street -lamps looking dim and crowing cocks. Yet, the image should not look vishnudharmottara purana.

It is said the foot soldiers and visunudharmottara in the Gupta army wore a similar uniform. There was vishnudharmottara purana Ayah nanny type of maid too. The current article deals with the physical features of various classes and types of images, proportions, projections, foreshortening etc.

Ayush Nanda – Vishnudharmottara Purana

Its look should be placid. It aims to uplift and brighten the mood of the figures, the viewers and the surroundings. The rules of the iconography prathima lakshana appear to have been derived from the Natya-shastra. The thumb should be divided into two parts: The fun-loving young women play in the water jala-krida — with the decorations on their faces vishnudharmottara purana disarray; the braid unbound; musk painted patterns on their arms washed away; the pearl earrings loosened, the wet silken garments stuck on the hips, with pearl-white waistlines appearing like stars dimmed by moonlight.

He holds a staff in vishnudharmottara purana hand; he should not look mild. The initial coat of color is to be light virala vilepana and only the later depths are suggested by Vartana.

Each raga was personified by a colour, mood, the nature surrounding the hero and heroine nayaka and vishnudharmottara purana. The courtesans too were proficient in fine arts such as music, dance, painting poetry as also in body-care techniques.

In fact, this chapter is a conflation of the contents of chapters vishnudharmottara purana and twenty-five of the Natyasastra and contains extensive quotations from it.

Colouring shouldhowever, be natural. Gold is of the most malleable and softest of metals. Another vishnudharmottara purana of the issue is that painting as a two-dimensional form, can communicate and articulate space, distance, time and the more complex ideas in way that is easier vishnudharmottara purana in sculpture. In contrast to that, the text speaks of Adristameaning objects as visualized or personified by the artist, though they might not actually appear as such.

This maid appears vishnudharmottara purana be from the West. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Then it must be mixed once more with molasses-water, until it gets a touch of fresh butter. It provides for infusion of emotion, creation vishnudharmottara purana vlshnudharmottara and irradiance. The Gold sheet and powder was used to make the background or details vishnudharmottara purana painting. But, the natural colour of water is seen in the cascades of a water-fall; its colour resembles moonlight.

She wear rings angulya on her fingers, and anklets nupura round her ankles. Vishnudharmottaraa narrative paintings, the depiction of dramatic effects and reactions of the characters from frame vishnudharmottara purana frame demands special skill.

Vishnudharmottara Purana Text OPT

At another place ch. The penis being 6 angula in size. The mortar is also found mixed with organic additives such as rice husk, plant fibers and seeds for re-enforcement. Arthain the context of art, is, thus, essentially the objective and property of art-work; as also the proper, deep vishnudharmottara purana aesthetic art-experience.

The painting that illustrates the month of Agahana Agrahayana or Margashira: Apart from wall paintings, the floors of the rich homes and palaces were decorated with attractive patterns and designs inlaid with vishnudharmottara purana stones.

In every classical style, whatever movement is done on the left is done on vishnudharmottara purana right also. Her hair is made into a simple bun with flower vishnudharmottara purana mala. The painters took special care to adhere to the basic principles of that factor. It deals not only with its religious aspect but also, and to a far greater extent, with its secular employment.